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A Complex Profile


Humulus Lupulus*

Combining three of the finest German hops: Spalt Select, Perle and Taurus, Åbro is a beer with a complex profile.

Spalt Select

  • Used for its zesty and slightly spicy aroma
  • Low bitterness
  • Grown in Germany


  • Dual purpose; used for its moderate bitterness and pleasant aroma
  • Spicy character
  • Grown in Germany


  • Dual purpose; used for its bittering qualities and pleasant aroma
  • High bitterness
  • Seasoned, flavourful and zesty characteristics
  • A member of the German Hallertauer Hop family

Spring Water

Exceptional water is the cornerstone of Åbro Lager. Europe’s most accredited spring water sits directly below our brewery and since the ice age this water has been filtered by the eskers of Vimmerby, where essential minerals have been added.


Hordeum Vulgare*

At Åbro, we use a combination of Pilsner and Munich malts, which offer varying qualities and characteristics.

Pilsner Malt

  • Highly modified
  • Used as base malt
  • Light in colour
  • Excellent glucan and protein levels
  • Good body and mouth feel
  • Balances well against the high bittering hops

Munich Malts

  • Darker grain
  • Stronger malt flavour imparts a golden, amber hue


We pride ourselves on keeping this a secret. Yeast is the most important ingredient in beer brewing; it's the final component that determines the flavour.

* It was of course the Swedish physician, botanist and zoologist Carl Linnaeus who laid the foundations for the modern scheme of binomial nomenclature. The system by which we categorise all living things on the planet. He also came from Småland.