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An Ideal Place To Make Beer

In Sweden we have been brewers since the age of the Vikings. Even the word “ale” derives from the Scandinavian name for beer: öl.

Swedes have loved beer ever since and throughout the years, aided by our strong German connections, our brewing culture has blossomed. We always use carefully chosen ingredients of the highest quality and the purest Swedish spring water.

We don’t like to leave anything to chance in Sweden.

Abro glass of beer

The Åbro Brewery was founded in Vimmerby, Sweden in 1856 and we have been brewing the finest beer ever since.

Our brewery is nestled in the small town of Vimmerby in Småland. For four generations Åbro has been run by the same family and many of the local families have been working with us for generations too. No wonder the people of Vimmerby are so proud of their beer.

We take great pride in our tradition and will stick to our ideal.