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Three things you should know about the Swedish: we love to be in control; we don’t like to leave anything to chance and no detail is too small.

When we make our beer, we go about things in the same way.

Being a Brewmaster is all about the detail. It’s the tiny details that make a big difference at every stage of the process. That’s why we brew carefully with ingredients of the highest quality and
never use additives.

In one sense the Brewmaster is both a scientist and a master craftsman with a secret book of recipes.

“Brewing the Åbro way is to stay out of a niche,” says Åbro’s renowned Brewmaster, Lennarth Anemyr. “It's about figuring out how it should taste in the end. It's about brewing as naturally as possible - no added enzymes or anything else to shorten the process. It can take about two to three years to get it right.”

If Åbro’s renowned Brewmaster Lennarth Anemyr is forced to choose his favourite tool, even with the very best technology available, he always opts for his thermometer.

Exact temperature* is the key to making the perfect Åbro Premium Lager.

Abro Bottle and glass
* Anders Celsius was a Swedish 18th-century astronomer and the first to perform and publish meticulous experiments aiming at the establishment of an international temperature scale on scientific grounds: the Celsius temperature scale!